The professional services related to the world of yachting and pleasure boating are our flagship

Insurance appraisals and damage estimates in case of general average/breakdown events

We estimate damages with Hull or TPL insurance coverage on behalf of numerous Italian and foreign Insurance companies.

Judicial appraisal and technical consultancy to a part in legal proceedings

As Court-appointed Technical Consultant (C.T.U. in Italy) for the Court of Trieste we respond promptly and precisely to the “questions” that the Judge formulates at the hearing conferring the assignment.
As Party-appointed Technical Consultant (C.T.P. in Italy) we perform the function of consultancy and technical assistance in favor and protection of one of the parties involved in the context of legal proceedings.

Pre-Purchase Surveys and sea trials on demand

We carry out a complete verification of the maintenance status of the craft, of the functionality of the main devices and the on-board equipment; we check the validity and conformity of the safety and fire-fighting apparatus. Through the sea trials, we evaluate in professional and technical-nautical manner, the condition of the main components of the craft.

Technical/instrumental assessments

Upon request, the following are carried out (directly by us or with the intervention of highly qualified and specialized external personnel):

  • Technical checks/measurements of the hull (underwater) in order to ascertain the presence of moisture in the laminate and/or the existence of problems related to osmotic and/or blistering phenomena.
  • Verification/non-destructive technical checks aimed at detecting any hidden defects or construction/structural faults of the hull.
  • Inspections/visual checks on sailing boats of standing and running riggings, keel stud bolts besides compression tests and engine diagnostics.

Commercial evaluations

We carry out commercial evaluations on every type of pleasure boat (market value and / or insurance value) with inventory of the main outfits and on-board equipment.

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