Something about us

REBULLA SURVEYORS S.a.s. is an independent company specialized in surveying and consultancy activities in the nautical, maritime, transports, commodities and crude oil/petroleum sector.

Rebulla Surveyors boasts in its staff a team of highly qualified experts with skills and knowledge calibrated to the demand of reliability and quality requested by the customer and expands its own business mainly over North Italy and the Adriatic Sea countries.

An appropriately selected and accredited network of foremost experts (freelancers) assists / supports his work when necessary for specificity.

The REBULLA SURVEYORS S.a.s. was founded in Trieste in 1980 thanks to the tenacity and resourcefulness of Pino Rebulla who, given the evolution of the markets, was able to respond with timeliness and effectiveness to the ever increasing demands for competence and professionalism in the expert field.

In 1999, the baton was passed to his son Olaf Rebulla who, thanks to his experience and innate managerial abilities, gave an evolutionary boost to the company, structuring it so as to differentiate the sectors of the activity; this, making use of collaborators with specific expertise and seeking, in absolute respect of the professional ethics, to best interpret the needs of the client.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

– Aristotle




via Beccaria, 13
34133 Trieste (ITALY)


+39 040 5709189